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Understanding the language of the Bible is critical. The language of the N.T. is written in the later Greek, and the writers applied the Greek to subjects on which it had never been used by native Greek writers. The things concerning Jewish affairs, their theology, and rituals. I have committed the work of the Greek dictionary found within, to assist in your personal study, and in repelling those who choose to distort the word. Acquaint yourself with the language of the Greek N.T., you will find it to be of an indispensable importance.

The author of these articles and features quotes verses from the King James Version. We investigate the Bible's original text, examine the Greek, Hebrew, text, context, symbols, and terminologies. We will continue to make every effort to aid readers to grow in their individual faith. We will also make every effort to assist, and to support those who have vowed to honor our Lord Jesus Christ, and His finished work.

The many cultures of this world seem to have developed a great desire to explain God. So they mold and shape the gods they have imagined in their mind, than feed him to their family and friends.  

I understand the Muslims are the feet and toes of miry clay, on the lowest and final limbs of Nebuchadnezzar’s great image, see Dan.2:31--. 

Iran is feeding the frenzy of the fringe tribes and brotherhoods that surround them, building up a system of control, dominance and weaponry that has not been seen since the last World War. Let’s turn to the Islamic resolve for War, a project so vast, so much deeper of origin and broader of meaning than any Arab powers before them could imagine, the goal, “World dominance!”

Arabs appear to find themselves at odds with the common thought of the day, “peace!” Today’s Arabs are seen as the mirror of their founder Mohamed both in soul and spirit.  Sons of Ishmael, Esau, Moab, and Ben-ammi. Ishmael was called by God a “wild man; saying, “His hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him” and Esau a vengeful brother. Iran is making ready to plunge the world into a war, once started they will not be able to turn back. Why, because of this deep imponderable hatred and lack of tolerance for Jews and Christians.

The cost of human life through wholesale murder of foreigners and their own people is deemed necessary for the sake of Allah. Their reason for all this evil preeminence is claimed to be religious.  Their leaders are absolutely indifferent of the forces called the “Imponderables” --- self-sacrifice, equal justice and eternal verity. They deny the right of others to exist, and challenge all to prove them-self against the powers of darkness that rule over them.

They see only their own selfish motives of action, and state them with dogmatic frankness. I will admit there is for them none of this hiding behind veils of stately words and muddled thought wherewith they hid the faces of their women, and as others in Washington so eloquently obscure their own words in order to smooth over their own consciences. Muslims claim necessity of religion, Inherited obligations, and evil done that good may come from their god.

Behind these things do abominable tyrants hide themselves in order to justify the horrors of their savagery! They claim to have reached that religious clearness of vision which has become the idol of their own age. But their range of vision is of the very narrowest and meanest. They deny others religious beliefs and deny all morality except for their own Sharia Law. They recognize only the value of strength through deceptions and lies, but such as these visions are, they themselves do not have the courage to live within them. Amid a world of pose and pretense, they are cynically frank that their objectors never quite believe what they say; their truths are but a mask for their deeper falsehoods.  Few men in Mohamed’s day were as clear-minded as he, and over the generations many have gloried in his successes.

And as for these later generations of Arabs, the more they seem to grasp the teaching of Mohamed’s hardened character, the more they worship him. His doctrines seem so logical, so consistent and so satisfying to them, they soon grow to honor him, his frankness and his revelations. Thus the soil in the Middle East already soaked in blood is being made ready again for the fierce religious doctrines of Mohomet. But the Lord has warned us beforehand concerning the evil that lies within them; “Their hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against them” and they like all others will one day fall by the sword of the Lord. 

Muslim fanatics are being molded amid the masses of Arabs throughout the nations of the world. All that stands in their way are the promises made to the Jews by Jehovah; the watchful eye of the Holy Spirit to guide Christian’s in a right direction; and assuredly the soon return of the King of Kings. “And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it He should smite the nations.”

From a distance the fear they project appears to be something, but up close they are nothing; strong words against the weak and helpless; but as a trifle under the feet of strong men.

“As a Christian I will pray the Lord Jesus Christ will be merciful to us all in that he will put this matter to rest quickly with but a few words from his mouth “You are finished!” 

Phil LaSpino  

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